Different Spokes

This Friday marks the official opening of the Different Spokes Exhibition, put together as part of the 2013 SALA (SA Living Arts) Festival. I always enjoy group exhibitions although they are no less stressful in many ways.

This body of work consists of photographs relating to bicycles and bicycle culture and the group of people I’m exhibiting with (all of whom I work with) are a talented and interesting bunch of guys. Most of us ride bikes (I’m on a temporary winter hiatus) and some of us are what I’d have to say, completely obsessed with bikes and riding.

The body of work is quite diverse and ranges from close-up/macro style images through to the bigger picture/wide angle landscape view of things. It’s a quite eclectic collection of images but they all stick together I think – something that I feel is important in any group of work. It is often much easier to do as a solo exhibitor but there is a definite curation challenge for the group format.

I hope people get a chance to visit.

Link to the official SALA page below:


salapic reduced (2 of 3)


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